What is P2 Packaging?

P2 is a product line combining sustainable packaging with substantial cost savings.

Standard vs. P2Packaging

6 Cells
12 Cells


Using P2 Packaging Saves:

Auto companies—both factories and suppliers—are working on cutting costs and reducing their carbon footprint, and P2Packaging is one of the forward-thinking companies helping lead the charge.


Pounds of Co2


Trucks per year


Trees per year

Cost Savings

Ship more items in fewer packages.

Kit Pack Conventional Partition

32 Parts Per Pack

32 Parts = $0.32 each

P2 Partition with Built in Flaps

42 Parts Per Pack

42 Parts = $0.22 each

33% Cost Reduction

In an era where sustainability is a paramount concern, P2 Packaging stands out as a model of how innovative design and resourceful practices can lead to considerable environmental and financial benefits. It’s a shining example of how a well-engineered product can serve as a catalyst for change, driving us towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

P2 Packaging is a remarkable example of sustainability in the world of packaging solutions. Its exceptional durability and remarkable stack strength render it not just a one-and-done container but a resourceful asset that can be effectively reused up to 10 times. 

Moreover, P2 Packaging is ingeniously designed with an attached partition that seamlessly collapses along with the box, optimizing space utilization. This ingenious design means that even after a box has journeyed from a factory in Mexico to its destination in the U.S., it doesn’t become waste. Instead, it can be emptied, conveniently folded flat, and shipped back on pallets. This remarkable feature transforms P2 Packaging into a sustainable loop, ensuring that the same box can embark on multiple trips, reducing the need for constant box replacement