P2 Packaging is a sustainable shipping solution that cuts millions of dollars in expenses, reduces inventory space, saves trees, and reduces a company’s carbon footprint. Their patented corrugated box design is used by many of the world’s largest automakers, including Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Volkswagen, and BMW. As a result, P2’s clients save tens of millions of dollars in production, shipping and labor costs. Clients also save thousands of trees and reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

Increased Container Density

  • No air cells required = maximized density
  • Every design is custom, not limited to stock size boxes = maximized density
  • No wasted headspace in the box = more layers per pallet
  • Durable Construction

Box and partition are glued together to form a single unit

  • Easy to set up and assemble – the partition does not fall apart
  • No partition installation required
  • Excellent stack strength (Smithers Pira Testing in Lansing, MI)
  • Inventory a single part number that includes the box and partition
  • Can be die-cut for finger notches, part saddles or other custom requirements

The box is easily collapsed and returned for multiple uses

  • Over 10 returns per box is possible

The P2 Design collapses completely flat

  • Excellent return ratio = cost-effective return cost

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