How the P2 Box is Helping Control Shipping Costs During Supply Chain Crises and Beyond

The COVID-impacted supply chain and shipping crisis has been further obstructed by the war in Ukraine, crippling an already weakened global system that has driven inflation to record highs. While supply chains are experiencing disruptions and crises on a tremendous level, experts are anticipating new ways of doing business, sourcing products and logistics handling in the future on a global scale. As a result, companies are reevaluating how they allocate and transport products in the long-term, with hopes of impact in the short term.

P2 Packaging has developed a new product that simply combines the shipping box with its partition, eliminating the need for conventional air cells. Able to be used as a standard partition or modified into several box style combinations, the P2 is created with durable construction and superior stack strength. As such, it can be used for expendable, semi-returnable or returnable packaging products.

The worldwide rise in energy and fuel costs due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict has had a domino effect on shipping costs simply because of the increasing cost of fuel and energy required to transport goods. Additionally, a shortage of workers also comes with a heightened price tag. These challenges to traditional shipping and logistics all add up to a considerably higher bottom line for companies, with markedly few respites in sight for corporations slowly drowning from changed consumer behavior on top of nontraditional and unexpected costs and industries-wide inflation with seemingly no end.

The P2’s simple yet unique box design not only collapses completely flat it also allows for over 10 possible returns for reuse per box. An excellent return ratio allows for cost-effective return pricing, saving manufacturers upwards of tens of millions of dollars. Additionally, clients also save thousands of trees annually and reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

P2’s patented box design eliminates wasted space, allowing companies to ship more items in fewer packages. Being that P2 boxes are more durable and stronger than traditional boxes means that they will not crush when stacked—and leave no empty space requiring filler. This adds up to 68% more room inside each box, thus requiring fewer boxes. Fewer boxes needed for shipping mean less space required of boxes for transport and fewer trucks burning costly fuel, with the space-saving result allowing for fewer labor costs throughout the process.

P2 Packaging began in 2016, growing out of American Corrugated Products, a corrugated boxes manufacturer for the automotive industry since 1983. The P2’s versatile design can be customized according to the container’s style, size and type of material—whether fiberboard, corrugated paper or plastic corrugated. P2 designs and engineers packaging containers for automotive suppliers and other enterprises throughout North America.

Without entirely restructuring the way goods are bought, sold and transported, one of the easiest ways for companies to save money—literally millions of dollars—and improve their sustainability is to rethink the way goods are packed for shipping. P2 Packaging is doing just that.