Our Clients

P2 Packaging saves millions of dollars for heavy hitters in the automotive industry. Here are a couple of them.

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, Holland, Michigan

Yanfeng uses P2 Packaging to ship products between Mexico and several places in the U.S., including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. The boxes used to send parts used by Ford, Tesla, Kia, and BMW have saved the company millions of dollars over the course of only two years. “I can’t emphasize how beneficial it’s been to Yanfeng,” said David Colclough, the global automotive supplier’s North American packaging buyer. “When you come across something that literally saves millions of dollars, it’s just not something that you encounter very often. It surprises me that not everybody is using this product. It’s so simple.”

Faurecia Interior Systems, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Like many of P2’s clients, Faurecia Interior Systems uses P2 boxes to ship “trim pieces,” industry jargon for the many interior parts of a car, such as armrests and instrument panels. Larry Ross, program logistics manager for North America operations, said the company is easily getting 6-8 uses out of every box. “We reuse and no longer throw material into the dumpster daily, compared to what we did before,” he said. “When you can get twice the amount of parts on a truck, the numbers are staggering. We’re gaining efficiencies from just a box.”

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