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Beginning first as a designer, entrepreneur and executive, Rudy Youell brings a 48-year-long career in the packaging industry in the marketing and manufacturing of what is essentially a new product—a new approach to fabricating corrugated boxes with permanent cellular partitions.

P2 Packaging began in 2016, growing out of American Corrugated Products, a corrugated boxes manufacturer for the automotive industry since 1983. The company offered corrugated boxes, export and bulk packs, service boxes, internal dunnage, skin packaging, chipboard packaging, corrugated and chipboard partitions and foam fabrications.

Simply known as P2 Packaging, its versatile design can be customized according to the container’s style, size and type of material, whether fiberboard, corrugated paper or plastic corrugated.

P2 Packaging designs and engineers packaging containers for automotive suppliers and other enterprises throughout North America. Our various proven packaging options become the clear choice to reduce your overall packaging costs.

Rudy Youell

P2 Packaging combines the box with the partition, eliminating conventional air cells. It can be used as a standard partition or modified into several box style combinations. With its durable construction and superior stack strength it can be used for expendable, semi-returnable or returnable packaging projects.

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