P2 Packaging Thinks Outside The Box, Inside The Box, About The Box Itself

Supply Chain Troubles Have Forced Businesses to Reconsider Packaging and Shipping.

Across all industries, a supply chain disruption has proven to be chaotic for world economies during the pandemic and even more so as the world slowly emerges from it. As a result, the shipping and packaging of consumer goods—and the supplies required to make them—have been reevaluated many times over the course of the last two years. Pulling the proverbial curtain all the way back allows for a much more basic viewpoint on how to better deal with logistics troubles at the root: reinterpreting the universally-used corrugated shipping box.

An unbelievable amount of products are shipped in the United States utilizing corrugated boxes—95 percent, in fact! Due to its inexpensive source material, strength and sustainability, corrugated has been the go-to material for shipping boxes for decades. The question then becomes how to use it better—or, taken even a step further, how to reinterpret the already-existing corrugated shipping box.

P2 Packaging has simplified the concept of the corrugated shipping box.

P2 Packaging has developed a patented box design that includes the partition and eliminates the need for conventional air cells. The design even allows the box to be made from corrugated, plastic corrugated, or fiberboard. Less unused space in a container allows for more parts per box. More parts per box means a lower total of boxes shipped. Fewer boxes per shipment mean fewer trucks on the road. All in all, P2 has been saving customers tens of millions of dollars, not to mention a lessened impact on the environment.

As competition pushes innovation forward, it isn’t often that simplifying a concept results in cost savings and better usability to the levels with which P2 has had its successes. Reusability for multiple shipments is another key to the success of the P2 box. Over 10 returns per box are possible due to the box being easily collapsed, stored, and returned for multiple uses. The versatility of the P2 box is what has made it potentially applicable across all industries. With its durable construction and superior stack strength, it can be used for expendable, semi-returnable, or fully-returnable packaging.

Keeping it simple; There’s no need to reinvent anything.

Finding a different approach and design for the corrugated shipping box doesn’t require starting over or disregarding what has worked for decades. It simply calls for reimagining or reinterpreting how things have been done. Different challenges necessitate different solutions. Updating the corrugated box and redesigning its use allows for a more significant impact than starting over from scratch. The resulting cost savings and environmental considerations are two key areas that many corporations have been highly scrutinizing in recent years in an effort to cut costs and lessen environmental impacts.

Further, there are few items that pass through homes and businesses with as much regularity as the simple corrugated shipping box. The sheer volume of items constantly being transported in the United States alone on an average day makes it worthwhile to at least consider an update in design. And with proven track records dealing with automotive industry volumes, P2 has shown the ability for the reconsidered corrugated box to save millions of dollars and make positive impacts without the need to restart and rethink the way we ship items.