With its durable construction and superior stack strength, P2 Packaging can be reused as many as 10 times. The box design is stronger, so it doesn’t crush, and its partition remains attached and collapses with the box. This means a box sent to the U.S. from a factory in Mexico can be emptied, folded up flat and shipped back on pallets, ready to make many more trips. End-user companies and suppliers can save considerably by returning the containers for reuse instead of purchasing new boxes for every trip. In fact, a current P2 client has saved nearly $10 million in two years in shipping costs by using the P2 product as a returnable.

  • P2 returns to Mexico cost approximately $1.00 per box
  • Data shows upwards of 10 returns per box
  • Documented savings at one client of over $10 MILLION during a two year period

Easy assembly and breakdown of the P2 Returnable

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